Berro Labs is an online manufacturer and wholesaler for men grooming products based in Ipoh, Perak – Malaysia.  Launches in March 2015, we have grown as an online store selling premium and finest men grooming products. Berro labs was built by the creative brains, passion and hard work of 2 brothers that share same passion in hair styling, music and art. We chose our favorite feature of each one of every single ingredient to create our own formula, that meet our standard. So we create a pomade that easily washed out with just water named as Berro Pomade.

We are proud to launch our amazing own making hair pomades that are water-soluble but hold wax-like with safe ingredients and awesome scent. Berro Pomade works with most hair types and is great for slickbacks, pompadours, and even longer hair. Its unique formula means it will wash out easily leaving no residue. It also shampoos out easily without residue which is a huge benefit.

Our business philosophy is deeply rooted to recognize customer’s satisfaction as our guiding light to success. We strive to deliver good customer service and superior products at great value. We have expanded as one of the largest Malaysian Pomade suppliers that based in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Berro labs product can be purchased nationwide as we have our own sole distributors almost whole Malaysia.

Therefore, we hope to satisfy all our Malaysian customer and mostly the pomade fans.