WHO ARE WE? Our company journey started in 2015 where we jumpstart our business by making Health & Beauty products such as male & female grooming products. Now we have successfully developed our brand to become a company producing Halal Sports Nutritions Supplements. We are very dedicated to provide high quality products and making sure our product is at is peak of its research in terms of scientifically or potency. We strive to make it affordable & effective for all. All of our products have Halal Certificate that has been certified by JAKIM and also our products been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) 

Berro Labs Nutrition is a MY-based sports nutrition brand. It not only focuses on the workout supplements but also targets the determination with which any athlete goes through every squat and every rep. Each product of Berro Labs Nutrition is the result of collaborative research of scientists, microbiologist, chemists and nutritionist. State of the art laboratory of Berro Labs Nutrition ensures every product is scientific-based to value every hour, every minute, and every second of the workout to produce high-quality results.

The local based brand makes the value more trusted amongs Malaysian themselves. These are famous for the following reasons;
-Environment friendly
-Zero tolerance on the quality
-Fair and safe working conditions
-Reduced deficit

The products of Berro Labs Nutrition intend to polish the performance of athletes and tap into their peak potential. The brand has invested a lot in the quality control and advanced facilities to guarantee every product is of the quality that is claimed. Berro Labs strictly implements the guidelines of ISO-22000, HALAL, GMP and HACCP to produce safe and high-quality products.

The products of Berro Labs Nutrition are equally important for the lovers of recreational sports, body builders, athletes and people striving for weight management with low GI and Keto diets. Addition of any of their product to routine life and its taking is safe and health beneficial. It is equally important for the Muslim athletes as it is HALAL certified by one of the top HALAL certifications firm of Malaysia, the JAKIM HALAL certification. For Muslims the consumption of HALAL products is necessary and JAKIM ensures all this.

Berro Labs Nutrition recorded an impressive record of 40,000 units sold in their first year of releasing.

Operating in Malaysia under the strict HALAL guidelines and observations of JAKIM, Berro Labs Nutrition is a very authentic and reliable brand for Muslim athletes. They can use its products with confidence as these are top quality with a HALAL assurance.

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Welcome to Berro Labs Sports Nutrition!