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The products of Berro Labs Nutrition intend to polish the performance of athletes and tap into their peak potential. The brand has invested a lot in the quality control and advanced facilities to guarantee every product is of the quality that is claimed. Berro Labs strictly implements the guidelines of ISO-22000, HALAL, GMP and HACCP to produce safe and high-quality products.

The products of Berro Labs Nutrition are equally important for the lovers of recreational sports, body builders, athletes and people striving for weight management with low GI and Keto diets. Addition of any of their product to routine life and its taking is safe and health beneficial. It is equally important for the Muslim athletes as it is HALAL certified by one of the top HALAL certifications firm of Malaysia, the JAKIM HALAL certification. For Muslims the consumption of HALAL products is necessary and JAKIM ensures all this.

JAKIM is the department of Islamic development in Malaysia. It is an authorized firm responsible to deal with various Islamic affairs to protect the integrity and beliefs of the Muslims, especially in the HALAL sector. It is one of the biggest HALAL certification body around the globe. Hence, it performs a key role to shield the consumers from Muslims community in Malaysia. JAKIM always assure the provision of HALAL products that are in compliance to the Muslims shariah and Muslims can take it confidently [1,2].

Berro Labs Nutrition is MY-based brand and operates from Ipoh Perak, Malaysia. All the products of Berro Labs Nutrition are produced in Malaysia under the strict supervision of HALAL guidelines of the JAKIM. To maintain HALAL integrity, JAKIM and its certified firms including this one the Berro Labs Nutrition , ascertain the HALAL position at every step of production of HALAL claimed products. It involves official on-site inspection and analysis of all the raw material and it is upheld and monitored every time.

All the products intended to be consumed by Muslims are mandatory to be HALAL certified by a well-reputed HALAL certification body [3].

Moreover, the plants operating in Malaysia require to be approved and inspected by JAKIM that ensures the compliance of the products with Malaysian HALAL food production protocols. of HALAL foods production.

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